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Daily Scan for 11/30/2017

DARE-DEVIL ACES May 1940 - Popular Publications; Vol. 25, no. 2. Cover art by Blakeslee. Includes "Death Flies the Swastika" (novel) by O. B. Myers; "Last call for Glory" (novel) by William Hartley; "Dictators Be Damned!" (novel) by Robert Sidney Brown; "No Other Wings" by William O'Sullivan; "Don't Count the Dead!" by William Porter. Special Sky Features: "Asemblit" and "Story Behind the Cover" by Frederick Blakeslee; "The Hot Air Club".

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STARTLING Stories: Fall 1944 - Better Publications; Vol. 11, No. 2. Pulp magazine. [Last issue edited by Oscar J. Friend.] Cover art by Bergey for "Shadow Over Mars" (novel) by Leigh Brackett. Includes "The Cosmic Doodler" by Carl Jacobi; "The Day of the Beast" ("Hall of Fame Classic. . .") by D. D. Sharp; "The Mad Domneys" by Verne Chute; "The Invisible Vandals" by Charles Stoddard. Features: "The Ether Vibrates"; "This Startling War: News from the Science Front"; "Thrills in Science" by Oscar J. Friend; "Review of Fan Publications" by Sergeant Saturn; "Meet the Author: Leigh Brackett". Illustrated by Morey, Marchioni, and others.