CRYPT NEWS Spring 2020



It's been a while since I updated this page. We are still adding about 12-40 new inventory items a day, except weekends. And we are still taking Sun. completely off and Sat, after the postman cometh, and Mon is administrative, so no shipping. The business is still mostly a one man band, although I do get help from my daughter, Katie from titme-to-time. 

  If you are interested in recieving a notice about updates, sales, specials, etc., please email me at [email protected] and I'll add you. It's an infrequent notice, usually just twice a month, and I don't believe I've ever done more than 3 emails in a month, so volume isn't high if that's a concern for you. We also respect your privacy and won't sell your email to anyone. 

Look for some good stuff to come up. There will be quite a lot of pulps added to inventory over the next few weeks. Amazings, Detectives, Jungle, Planet Stories, Astoundings, Super-Science, Astonishing, Fantastic Adventures, Thrilling Wonder, Argosy, Startling and more. Also digests: If, F&SF, Galaxy, Super-Science, Science-Fantasy, Nebula, Rocket, Worlds Beyond, Analog, Asimovs, Beyond, Fantasy & Science Fiction, etc. And of copurse, hundreds of paperbacks in all genres. We are committed to providing the best selection at the best cost possible. If you'd like to sell us your extra pulps, please quote to [email protected]

We will be updating auctions again as time permits, viewable here. Also, we continue to add new stock from several small presses, such as Haffner, Midnight House, Hippocampus Press, Mythos books and others. I hope you will find that handy. 
When will your order be shipped? Shipping is always an unpredictable factor. Orders come heavy some days and not at all on others, so it is entirely possible that there may be shipping delays due to high volume, or even, low volume (for example - if we only have an order or two on Mon. and none till Wed., we'd rather ship all together on Thurs.). Conversly, sometimes your order is shipped sooner than we expect. Regardless, customers will, as always, be notified when their order is shipped. 

And finally, We wish you the best of luck in finding the item you want. May all your reading be Good Reading!